Tony Aspler
Tony Aspler’s Cellar Book: How to Design, Build, Stock and Manage Your Wine Cellar Wherever You Live


Tony Aspler's Cellar Book by Tony AsplerTony Aspler returns with a book for anyone who has fallen under the spell of the glorious grape — and dreamed of having their very own wine cellar.

Tony Aspler’s Cellar Book provides guidelines for anyone, whether their regular tipple is a $15-Australian or a $100-Bordeaux, who wants to keep a supply of wines that will age with grace and flavour and be ready to consume for a mid-week dinner or a spontaneous celebration. Tony’s suggestions for general approaches to establishing a cellar, specific bottles and even themes will help you create the perfect collection — big or small. Basic techniques for evaluating the right cellar for your needs are accompanied by sidebars of cellaring experience and advice from well-known wine celebrities. Follow Tony as he builds his own cellar in his condo, while picking up tips on how to build your own.

Praise for Tony Aspler’s writing:

“Tony writes about wine with love, warmth, knowledge and a sense of humour. Enjoy.” —Bonnie Stern

“Tony has a profound understanding of our wine industry, a meticulous eye for detail and a clarity of thought that translates beautifully onto the page.” —Natalie MacLean

“Aspler, one of Canada’s leading wine writers, shows a real talent for detective fiction” —Wine Spectator

“a very pleasant romp, a well-structured puzzle incorporating a deft primer on Beaujolais” —Decanter

“this book [is] a must for all wine-connoisseurs while, at the same time, providing education as well as entertainment for those who are not”
Glasgow Herald

“a good book to take along on a trip to Canada” —Decanter

Genre/Category: Cooking - Wine & Spirits
Length: 320 pp

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Tony Aspler  

Tony Aspler is truly the Canadian wine expert.  He has been writing about wine for almost 30 years, has authored 11 books on food and wine, wrote for the Toronto Star for 21 years, and currently writes for numerous major publications and gives over 40 personal appearances about wine each year. 

Tony Aspler’s website can be found at

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