Tony Aspler
The Wine Atlas of Canada


The Wine Atlas of Canada by Tony AsplerThe definitive reference and guidebook for Canadian wines and wineries, The Wine Atlas of Canada is the giftbook for Canadian wine lovers. Gorgeously designed and accompanied by photographs specially commissioned for this project, The Wine Atlas of Canada also features a foreword by John Ralston Saul.

“All the world’s great wine regions have an atlas to celebrate their wines. The Canadian wine industry deserves its own. The Wine Atlas of Canada offers the wine lover and the casual consumer a comprehensive and exhaustive reference guide to winemaking from coast to coast. I have been following Canada’s wines since 1975. The explosion of quality in the last decade has been nothing short of phenomenal and I want to document that success.”—Tony Aspler

The first part of The Wine Atlas of Canada provides a primer for the reader including everything from a history of Canadian wine, to information about grapes and how wine is made, to reading and understanding wine labels.  The second part of the book focuses on the wine-making regions of Canada—in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces—including numerous maps, details of all the wineries in the regions, sites of local interest and fascinating profiles of people in the industry.

Canadian Culinary Book Awards finalist

“A must-have book Canadian wine fans.” —Toronto Star

“An essential resource for anyone who wants to understand Canada’s burgeoning wine industry. Tony has a profound understanding of our wine industry, a meticulous eye for detail and a clarity of thought that translates beautifully onto the page.” —Natalie MacLean

“In this beautiful volume, take a unique trip from coast to coast with Tony Aspler and learn why we should be proud of our Canadian wines. Tony writes about wine with love, warmth, knowledge and a sense of humour. Enjoy.” —Bonnie Stern

“The definitive collection of all you need to know about the many and diverse winemaking regions of Canada coast to coast. Wineries, techniques, etiquette? It’s all here and no one is better equipped to prepare such a collection than one of Canada’s first and foremost wine experts, Tony Aspler.” —Geddy Lee

Length: 380 pp
Setting: Canada
Period: 1960s to the present

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Tony Aspler  

Tony Aspler is truly the Canadian wine expert.  He has been writing about wine for almost 30 years, has authored 11 books on food and wine, wrote for the Toronto Star for 21 years, and currently writes for numerous major publications and gives over 40 personal appearances about wine each year. 

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