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Rob Carrick
How to Pay Less and Keep More for Yourself: The Essential Consumer Guide to Canadian Banking and Investing


How to Pay Less and Keep More for Yourself by Rob Carrick

From Canada’s leading expert on consumer banking, this easy-to-read, indispensable book will help you keep your hard-earned money working for you.

Canadians are savvy consumers of everything --except financial products. We comparison shop for new cars and new clothes, but when it comes to our money, most of us passively hand it over to banks and other institutions. The result? Our earnings languish in bank accounts that pay out zero interest while raining down fees, or in mutual funds that make more money for the people running them than for investors.

This book is the remedy: written especially for Canadians, it is the definitive guide to getting the best possible deal on everything from savings accounts to mortgages to RRSPs. Rob Carrick puts the key information in the reader’s hands through comparison charts, rankings and easy-to-follow tables, as well as good old-fashioned advice. He explains how to construct a banking profile, where to find the best bargains in financial services, how online banking and investing is changing everything, and much more.

This book shows how to get the best while paying the least, so you can use your money for the things you really want and need.

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Rob Carrick is one of Canada’s most widely read and best-respected financial experts, with two decades of experience as a business and economics reporter and commentator. Carrick worked on both Bay Street and Parliament Hill before becoming the personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail ten years ago. Carrick lives in Ottawa with his wife and family.

Rob Carrick’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today