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Gillian Chan
A Call to Battle

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Although the War of 1812 was seen by some as a backwater war, to the inhabitants of Upper and Lower Canada it was a threat to the very existence of their fledgling colonies. For three long years life in Upper and Lower Canada was disrupted. The colonists lived in fear of American invasion. Some saw the farms and houses they had worked so hard to carve out of the wilderness taken from them or destroyed. Families were torn apart when fathers and sons answered the call to arms to defend their homes. The experiences of the family of thirteen year old Alexander (Sandy) McKay, are representative of what many families in Upper Canada would have experienced during the war and are related in this novel for the middle grades.

Praise for Gillian Chan’s writing:

“Chan’s characters are drawn with courage, compassion and consummate skill.” —jury citation, Governor General’s Award

“Chan’s descriptions of the tensions arising between adults and adolescents have the ring of truth . . . . . (her endings) leave the reader pondering on the peculiarities and vagaries of human nature. Now that’s a good story.” —The Globe and Mail

“Her clear-eyed view of teens and their sometimes surprising behaviour (both good and bad) is sympathetic but never sugar-coated.” —The Hamilton Spectator

Genre/Category: YA fiction
Setting: Canada and the Atlantic states
Period: early 19th century
Publication Date: September 2012

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Gillian Chan  

Gillian Chan trained as an English and Drama teacher. She has written seven books and has been shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award, Mr. Christie’s Book Award as well as many other national and international awards for young readers, and is the winner of the OSLA White Pine Award as well as the Nautilus award for the best young adult book. Gillian Chan’s website can be found at