Stephen Cole
Xtreme Hockey


From the hardest body check to the most powerful slap shot, Xtreme Hockey features all the things that kids really want to know about the sport they love. Here are hockey’s greatest hits—literally—the most gruesome injuries, punishing training schedules, and insider info about the scariest goons, balanced with amazing stories of athleticism, dedication, and even heroics, on and off the ice.

The facts in Xtreme Hockey are fast and furious. Readers will find out who had a wrist shot hard enough to break a clothes dryer—when he was only two years old! And who had to get 250 stitches in his face after another player’s skate sliced into him. They will learn about bizarre fan behavior (dead gophers thrown on the ice?!), extraordinary acts of good sportsmanship, and some of the most nerve-wracking moments ever in the game.

Young readers will get in on locker-room secrets known only to insiders. Xtreme Hockey presents the game as journalists and sportscasters never do. It’s war on ice in all its xtreme glory.

Praise for Stephen Cole’s Xtreme Hockey:

National Bestseller

“Flashy and colorful ... It’s the kind of book you will enjoy flipping through with your children.” —Hockey Book Reviews

Length: 36 pp
Genre/Category: Children's nonfiction, ages 8-12
Illustrations: full-color illustrations and photographs

World rights, Madison Press

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Photo Credit: Jacquie McNish
Stephen Cole is the author of a number of hockey books, and newspaper articles on movies and television. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons.

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