Don Cummer
Brothers at War

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During a snowball fight one winter morning in 1811, Jake Gibson doesn't know what to make of the new boy in town. He talks funny and sure has some peculiar habits. Worst of all, he's been singled out for ridicule by William and Henry — and everyone wants to be friends with them.

But when Jake ventures out onto the treacherous ice of the Niagara River, it is the new boy, Eli McCabe, who risks his life to rescue him. Helping him is the brave and dashing General Isaac Brock.

Jake owes his life to the immigrant boy and the famous general. But when he goes to express his gratitude, he discovers that — here on the border between the United States and Canada — there are many different kinds of loyalty. And just as far-away kings and presidents are responsible for determining the fate of nations, the friends you choose can ultimately shape the course of your own destiny. In Jake's case, though, choosing friends also means making enemies. And as their community prepares to go to war, powerful enemies like William and Henry prove they will stop at nothing.

Praise for Don Cummer's Brothers at War:

Finalist, Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People

"A well written and engaging historical fiction account that raises questions about loyalty to friends, differences and tensions between families — issues with which young adolescents will relate . . .  While relationships and politics can be cumbersome and confusing, the honest dialogue between young boys, both friends and foes, expose the raw truths in the pre-War period of 1812 Upper Canada." —Jury citation for the Geoffrey Bilson Award

Category: Middle Grade Fiction (Ages 8 to 12)
Publication Date: Oct 2013

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Don Cummer

Don Cummer grew up in Calgary, Alberta, where his parents owned a horse ranch in nearby Bragg Creek. He moved to Ottawa, Ontario, and served on the staff of the Prime Minister of Canada before opening a business as a freelance speechwriter. On the long drives to hockey tournaments he began telling stories to his son. He has had several stories published in literary quarterlies, but Brothers at War will be his first work for children when it is released by Scholastic Canada Inc. in the fall of 2013. He plans to follow the adventures of Jake and Eli through the War of 1812.