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A Good Day's Work

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A Good Day's Work is a lyrical journey through a semi-mythological place: the Canada of our imagination. It is the Canada of the day before yesterday. Or perhaps the Canada of 1967 — the country's "Last Good Year," as Pierre Berton dubbed it. It is a portrait of Canada captured by way of encounters with a blacksmith, a cowgirl, a milkman, a traveling salesman and other custodians of trades from another time. Woven into the always engaging, sometimes strange, sometimes moving and frequently funny interviews are the ruminations and personal reflections of that wonderful writer John DeMont (who as a newspaper reporter and columnist of a certain age is something of a vanishing tradesman himself).

The iconic Canada--the country of close-knit small towns, of common geography and history, of meaningful work and communal values and institutions--is being transformed. John DeMont has gone in search of people who make their living the old way, in an attempt to distill the essence of our shared past.

Praise for John DeMont's Coal Black Heart:

National Bestseller
Nominated for the 2010 National Business Book Award

"A prodigious book ... written skillfully and often lyrically" —The Globe and Mail

"Elegiac, scrupulously researched." —Ottawa Citizen

"Wonderful ... full of exhuberance." —Calgary Herald

"There is history big and small here, heroism and heartbreak, and humanity in all its diversity. Coal Black Heart is an epic tale and a compelling one — John DeMont's prose grabs you by the shirt collar and keeps you turning the pages." —D'Arcy Jenish, author of Epic Wanderer: David Thompson and the Opening of the West

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John DeMont

John DeMont is the bestselling and award-winning author of Citizens Irving: The Irvings of New Brunswick, The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia and Coal Black Heart: The Story of Coal and the Lives It Ruled. He has written for many publications, including the Financial Times, Canadian Geographic, The Walrus, and Maclean's — where he was Atlantic bureau chief for ten years. He is now senior writer and columnist for The Chronicle Herald in Halifax, N.S. The author lives in Halifax, NS.