Shree Ghatage
Brahma’s Dream


Brahma's Dream by Shree Ghatage

Pre-empted in just twenty-four hours, with critics comparing it to the novels of Rohinton Mistry and Carol Shields, Brahma’s Dream is the joyous and intimate tale of an unforgettable thirteen-year-old girl whose life and death takes place amid the turbulence of India’s surge towards independence.

Set in Bombay on the eve of India’s independence, Brahma’s Dream relates the story of Mohini Oek, a fragile girl whose medical problems and special wisdom set her apart from the world around her. Through Mohini we come to know in telling detail the lives of her family and friends, and through the prism of their hopes, fears, and heartbreaks see the decisive confrontation between a far-flung empire and the diminutive Mahatma Gandhi.

Praise for Shree Ghatage’s Brahma’s Dream:

2005 Kiriyama Notable Book

“Compelling, tear jerking, and next to impossible to put down . . . Ghatage has succeeded in writing a novel that . . . reveals itself to be
beautifully complex.” —Calgary Herald

“Delightful . . . Ghatage’s elegant, effortless prose weaves the fine, domestic strands that comprise the Oek’s daily life. . . . In writing Brahma’s Dream, Ghatage took on the challenge of treading some much-explored territory, already trod by rather daunting literary heavyweights. . . . Brahma’s Dream, a quietly captivating, highly accomplished debut novel with a brave and enchanting girl at its heart, suggests [Ghatage] has risen to that challenge.” —The Globe and Mail

“A coming-of-age story, one all the more affecting for the fact that its heroine’s life is precarious, is combined with a powerful evocation of how history impinges on ordinary people. . . . Ghatage [has a] flair for the unconventional, empathetic point of view.” —The Gazette (Montreal)

“Richly textured and utterly absorbing, Shree Ghatage’s powerful evocation of Gandhi's India is a work of integrity and deep affection.” —Joan Clark, author of Latitudes of Melt

 “A moving coming of age story. . . . Mohini’s character is engagingly self-possessed, with wisdom beyond her years, and the relationships formed with those around her are skillfully rendered.” —The Women’s Post

“Mohini is an eloquent mouthpiece for the Calgary author’s own discoveries about Indian religion, human foibles, and familial love.” —The Vancouver Sun

“Author Shree Ghatage paints a wonderful portrait of a family, a culture and a country. . . . [She] has created a remarkable and truly memorable character in Mohini. . . . Ghatage has an exquisite ability to tell a moving story.”
The Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)

Brahma’s Dream affirms [Ghatage] as a mature and gifted writer.”
Quill & Quire starred review

“A celebration of Indian life and custom spread out before you, a delight to all the senses.” —Intelligencer (Belleville)

“The reader feels a wonderful familiarity with all the characters in Brahma’s Dream. The smells, sights and sounds of the family home . . . are so finely etched that they have the same impact as poignant poetry.” —Bookworm

Length: 422 pp
Setting: Bombay, India
Period: 1930s-40s

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Photo Credit: Rohan Ghatage
  Shree Ghatage is the author of the short story collection Awake When All the World Is Asleep, which won the Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award and was nominated for several other awards. Ghatage and her family came to Canada in the early 1980s and after spending fifteen years in the Maritimes, recently moved to Calgary.


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