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Redemption in Indigo

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Paama, who is a great cook, has returned to her family after 10 years of marriage to the gluttonous Ansige, but two years later he hires the master tracker Kwame to find her. Kwame needs the money to finance his own wanderlust and reluctantly takes the job. These events draw the attention of Chance, the Indigo Lord, one of the powerful spirits called Djombi. The Indigo Lord once wielded the power of Chaos, imbued within the Chaos Stick, but to punish him it was taken from him and given to Paama. Now he wants it back, and he has all sorts of elaborate schemes planned to induce Paama to give him back the Chaos Stick.

The narrator, sometimes serious and often mischievous, spins delicate but powerful descriptions of locations, emotions, and the protagonists' great flaws and great strengths as they interact with family, poets, tricksters, sufferers of tragedy, and - of course - occasional moments of pure chaos.

Praise for Karen Lord's Redemption in Indigo:

Winner of the 2008 Frank Collymore Literary Award
Winner of the 2011 William L. Crawford Award
Winner of the 2011 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature
Winner of the 2012 Golden Tentacle Kitschie award for Best Debut Novel

"This is one of those literary works of which it can be said that not a word should be changed." —Booklist (starred review)

"Lord's debut, a retelling of a Senegalese folktale, packs a great deal of subtly alluring storytelling into this small package." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Adventure, mystery, familial relations, discourse of power, ananse, the spirit world." — Kamau Brathwaite, author of Born to Slow Horses

"Drawing on a multicultural mélange of narrative traditions — both oral and written — this Barbadian author surprises. She tap dances across the conventional, using it to make spirited sounds." —Foreword Review

Length: 224 pp
Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Setting: Africa
Period: Contemporary
Publication Date: August 2010 (North America); March 2012 (UK & Commonwealth)

North American English rights, Small Beer Press
UK & Commonwealth English rights, Jo Fletcher Books/Quercus Publishing

For all other rights contact The Cooke Agency.
Karen Lord

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Karen Lord has been a physics teacher, a diplomat, a part-time soldier, and an academic at various times and in various countries. She is now a writer and research consultant in Barbados. Her debut novel, Redemption in Indigo, won the Frank Collymore Literary Award, the William L. Crawford Award, and the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature, and was nominated for the 2011 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. Her second novel, The Best of All Possible Worlds, won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Science Fiction novel, and was a finalist for the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.