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Laurier in Love


Laurier in Love by Roy MacSkimmingLaurier in Love reveals Sir Wilfrid Laurier as Canadians have never known him: deeply enmeshed in a passionate, enduring love triangle as he leads his country into a new century.

A gifted, inspiring and wildly popular Prime Minister, Laurier is equally devoted to his quiet, faithful wife Zoë and his ambitious, charismatic lover Émilie Lavergne. The story is told through the eyes of these remarkably realized women—friends who are also rivals for Laurier’s heart. Both must contend with the dark contradictions in his nature as he professes to be committed to each of them while uniting a divided nation.

Boldly imagined and brilliantly executed, Laurier in Love portrays Laurier the elegant statesman, emerging onto the world stage at Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee; Laurier the silver-tongued orator, charming Americans in Chicago; Laurier the conciliator, bridging conflicts between English and French as Canada fights a distant imperial war in South Africa. Above all, we feel the joy and pain of two women who tie their destinies to the same man—until in the end he must act to resolve the impasse.

This is a novel both epic and intimate in scale. The cast of characters includes the aging Queen, the doomed President McKinley, a young Winston Churchill, an even younger Mackenzie King. Laurier in Love authentically and entertainingly recreates the man, the era, and the fascinating personal life Laurier led behind the scenes.

Praise for Roy MacSkimming’s Macdonald:

“An engaging novel handled with imagination, sympathy and verve, making a hugely enjoyable read. I can’t wait for MacSkimming’s next novel, on Wilfrid Laurier” —Mary Millar, The Globe and Mail

“Roy MacSkimming not only brings Sir John A. Macdonald to life, he brings him into our hearts.” —Nino Ricci

“An extraordinary novel. A wonderful and intimate evocation of a political lion in winter.” —Aritha van Herk

“Fun to read… MacSkimming makes Sir John a man you would love to have known and hung out with.” —Bronwyn Drainie, Quill & Quire

“Gripping historical fiction…compelling.” —Montreal Gazette

“Gloriously realized…thanks to Roy MacSkimming’s storytelling magic, we gain a new appreciation of the great good fortune that made Canada possible.” —Roy MacGregor

“Deserves top place among the books on Canadian history that matter.” —Peter C. Newman

Length: 320 pp
Setting: Canada
Period: historical, late 1800s

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Roy MacSkimming
Photo Credit: David Zimmerly

Roy MacSkimming is also the author of Macdonald, a novel about Laurier’s great predecessor, Sir John A. Macdonald, described by The Globe and Mail as “an engaging novel handled with imagination, sympathy and verve, making a hugely enjoyable read.” MacSkimming’s non-fiction work The Perilous Trade was a National Business Book Award finalist and a Globe and Mail book of the year. His website,, enhances readers’ enjoyment of Laurier in Love by posting photographs and background material about characters and events in the novel. Roy MacSkimming lives in the country near Ottawa.



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