W.C. Mack
Line Change (Book 2: Hat Trick series)

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JT McDonald is finally back on the ice with his team, doing better at math thanks to tutoring from his teammate Eddie and sporting the awesome new helmet he bought with his prize money from the Vancouver Canucks contest. Everything seems to be getting back on track for JT. That is, until Coach O'Neil has a bad fall on the ice and the team is left without a coach mid-season.

JT is thrilled when his dad steps in to lead the team — but his teammates have a harder time adjusting to the new coach. Suddenly practice time isn't fun anymore, they're fighting among themselves, and they're devastated when they lose a game that should have been an easy win. Can the Cutter Bay Cougars get back on track before the season ends?

Praise for W.C. Mack's Line Change:

"A hockey lover's dream book . . . but do not limit it to only those with a love of sports because of the action, examination of relationships when faced with obstacles, and conflict resulting from the fear of change." —CM Magazine

"Mack has does an outstanding job at showing younger readers some important lessons. From working hard in practice to listening to and respecting your parents and coach, [Mack] has written another excellent story." —Hockey Blog in Canada

Genre/Category: Contemporary
Length: 144 pages (pb)
Publication Date: October 2011

World English and French rights, Scholastic Canada

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W. C. Mack

W.C. Mack was born in Vancouver., B.C. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Always a Canucks fan, W.C. Mack has also been known to cheer for the Portland Winterhawks.