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W.C. Mack


Book Cover Steven White’s family has just moved. Again. The good news: there’s great snowboarding. The bad news: another new school.

This time Steven takes a shortcut to popularity—by claiming to be related to the famous snowboarder Cody White. But it’s not long before his lie is discovered and Steven is facing a whole new kind of unpopularity.

He takes refuge on the slopes and strikes up a friendship with a mysterious snowboarder, who turns out to be running from troubles of his own.

As they challenge each other to take on the hardest runs, can they also help each other face up to some difficult truths?

Praise for W.C. Mack's Tag Team:

"In this return to the lives of twin brothers Owen and Russell, W.C. Mack delivers another exciting read about the trials and tribulations the brothers face in school . . . Tag Team is a fun read, one that will makes readers want to keep reading more about Owen and Russell." —CM Magazine

"The basketball action—usually seen through the eyes of Owen—is well paced and will appeal to athletes and mathletes alike." —Booklist

Praise for W.C. Mack's Athlete vs. Mathlete:

Ontario Library Association Best Bets (2013)
North Dakota Library Association Flicker Tale Award (2013-14)
Iowa Children's Choice Award (2014)
Victoria Premier's Reading Challenge - Australia (2014)
Texas Bluebonnet Award (2014-15)
New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award (2014-15)
British Columbia Red Cedar Award (2014-15)
Maine Student Book Award (2014-15)
Rhode Island Children's Book Award (2015)
Florida Sunshine State Young Reader Award (2015-16)
Hansel and Gretel Readers' Choice Award of International Schools in Germany (2015-16)
Louisiana Young Reader's Choice Award (2016)
Massachusetts Children's Book Award (2016)
Garden State Children's Book Award (2016)

"Athlete vs. Mathlete does an excellent job in portraying what it is like for twin siblings. The love and occasional resentment the brothers feel for each other was evident and is a realistic portrayal of how many sibling relationships operate. The energetic descriptions of basketball added an addictive element to the novel as the games are told so realistically that the reader cannot help but be drawn in, making this novel a great read for youth who love sports." —CM Magazine, U of Manitoba

Praise for W.C. Mack’s Hat Trick:

“It’s a good story with a good message … if you have a young hockey fan who is perhaps a reluctant reader or struggling a bit in school, W. C. Mack’s Hat Trick may be the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas.” —Hockey Book Reviews

Hat Trick is a very good story that has some excellent life lessons. Add it to your hockey player’s or hockey fan’s collection.” —Hockey Blog in Canada


Genre/Category: Children's—Middle Grade Fiction
Length: 196 pages (pb)
Publication date: Dec 2017

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North America French rights, Scholastic Canada

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W.C. Mack (aka Wendy Smith, Winnie Mack) is the author of several sports-related books, including the Hat Trick trilogy (hockey) and the bestselling Athlete vs. Mathlete trilogy (basketball), which has been nominated for more than 20 awards. Under the name Winnie Mack she has written After All, You’re Callie Boone (diving) and Bittersweet, a story about a diabetic soccer player. W. C. Mack was born in Vancouver, B.C. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Always a Canucks fan, she has also been known to cheer for the Portland Winterhawks

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