W. C. Mack
Tag Team
(Book 2: Athlete vs. Mathlete series)
Double Dribble in the US

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Brainy Russell Evans never thought he'd be a basketball superstar. But now he's playing on the seventh-grade team alongside his fraternal twin, Owen, and they're tearing up the court. Their team is on a winning streak, and Russ and Owen are getting along better than ever. That is, until Mitch and Marcus Matthews show up. These twins are a triple threat: basketball pros, academic geniuses, and — most dangerous of all — completely identical. They could easily rule the school.

Now Russ and Owen are fighting for the spotlight. But when Marcus hurts himself and Mitch messes up during a big game without him, it's clear that the Matthews are powerless when separated. Will Russ and Owen take advantage ... or do they have other plans in mind?

Praise for W. C. Mack's Tag Team:

"In this return to the lives of twin brothers Owen and Russell, W.C. Mack delivers another exciting read about the trials and tribulations the brothers face in school . . . Tag Team is a fun read, one that will makes readers want to keep reading more about Owen and Russell." —CM Magazine

"The basketball action—usually seen through the eyes of Owen—is well paced and will appeal to athletes and mathletes alike." —Booklist

Praise for W. C. Mack's Athlete vs. Mathlete:

"Sibling rivalry is familiar to anyone with brothers or sisters, but the Evans twins take it to a whole new level! Despite their competition, they're both a lot of fun. I spent the entire book rooting for Owen to get his head back in the game and for Russ to figure out how to be a great player for both his interests. They're such fun characters, I didn't want to put the book down!"
US Kids Mags (uskidsmags.com)

"I think this is a perfect book for middle school boys . . . All middle school libraries should most definitely have this book on their shelves!"
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"There's wit as well as painful reflection in the novel, which shows both boys developing unrecognized talents behind their cool jock and proud nerd facades. A promising first volume in the Athlete vs. Mathlete series."

Length: 208 pages
Category: Middle Grade Fiction (Ages 8 to 12)
Publication Date: November 2013

World English excl. Canada, Bloomsbury USA
Canadian English and North American French, Scholastic Canada

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W. C. Mack

W.C. Mack was born in Vancouver., B.C. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Always a Canucks fan, W.C. Mack has also been known to cheer for the Portland Winterhawks.