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Christopher Moore
From Then to Now

From Then to Now by Christopher MooreReminiscent of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, From Then to Now is a fascinating look at human civilization that is bound to create a new generation of history buffs!

Just 50,000 years ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors ventured out of the African savannah and into the wider world. Now, our technology reaches far out into the cosmos.

With lively text and colorful illustrations, From Then to Now explains how individual societies struggled to find their own paths, despite war, disease, slavery, natural disasters, and the relentless growth of human knowledge. From Hammurabi to Henry Ford, from Incan couriers to the Internet, from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower, from Marco Polo to Martin Luther King, from Cleopatra to Catherine the Great, from boiled haggis to fried tarantulas—this is no less than the story of humanity. It’s the story of how we grew apart over all those years of migration and division, and how—as we recognize our common heritage and our often mixed ancestry—we can come together.

An index, maps, and notes make this a must-have reference, as well as a delight to read and to discuss.

Praise for Christopher Moore’s Champlain:

“A lushly pictorial biography, extended with archival artwork, maps, and artifacts” —School Library Journal

“Not only introduces readers to the explorer’s life story and the challenges he faced in North America, it also provides excellent background information” —Booklist

Genre/Category: Middle Grade Nonfiction—History
Length: 192 pp

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Christopher Moore
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Christopher Moore has been described as Canada’s most versatile writer of history. A winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award and other prizes, he writes widely about history for adults and children. His history for young readers, The Story of Canada, written with Janet Lunn and Alan Daniel, was named one of the ten best Canadian children’s books of the twentieth century. He writes a long-running column on history and historians for Canada’s History magazine (previously known as The Beaver). A past chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada, Christopher lives in Toronto.

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