Marsha Skrypuch
Prisoners in the Promised Land (Dear Canada)


Prisoners in the Promised Land by Marsha SkrypuchAnya and her family have made a difficult journey to Canada in search of a new life. But soon after they arrive in the land they hoped would welcome them, World War I is declared, and Ukrainians are considered “enemy aliens”—many of them sent away to internment camps. Anya must find a way to deal with the challenges in the land she now calls home.



Praise for Marsha Skrypuch’s Prisoners in the Promised Land:

“Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch’s Prisoners in the Promised Land does a stellar job of presenting the perspective of a young Ukrainian girl interned in the Spirit Lake work camp. ... It will appeal to young people for its direct and honest voice.” —The Gazette

Genre/Category: historical children’s fiction, ages 8-12
Setting: Canada
Period: World War I

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Marsha Skrypuch’s books have been nominated for many awards, including ALA Best Book for Teens 2009, CLA Children's Book of the Year 2006, OLA Best Bets, and many provincial readers’ choice awards including Red Maple, Silver Birch and White Pine. In 2008 she was bestowed with the Order of Princess Olha by President Yushchenko of Ukraine for her writings about the Holodomor (Ukrainian Famine). She lives in Brantford, Ontario.

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