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Robin Spano
Dead Politician Society (Book 1: Clare Vengel series)


Dead Politician Society by Robin SpanoThe mayor falls down dead in the middle of a speech, and an e-mail taking credit shows up at the Toronto Star obituary desk. It’s signed by a university secret society with a history of violence.

Clare Vengel, a rookie cop hungry for action, goes undercover as a student. Clare grew up in a trailer park; a university is foreign territory, and she has trouble relating to the suspects. She gets nowhere fast, and quickly loses the respect of her superiors.

Annabel Davis is bored with her job at the Star. She wants fame and glory—not a dull obituary desk. Against police caution, she responds to the e-mail, and starts an electronic dialogue with the self-acclaimed killer. She thinks she is playing a smart game, until she realizes that her impulsive ambition has placed her family at risk, and the stakes are much higher than she imagined.

Another politician is killed, and a second e-mail gloats about the secret society’s involvement. Clare is horrified that student idealism could be ramped up to the point of murder. She gets into gear, forging friendships with students, and a romantic involvement with the professor at the center of it all.

When two more politicians die, Clare knows that the murderer she has to unmask is someone she has come to consider a friend. She only hopes that the friend doesn’t unmask her first.

Praise for Robin Spano’s Dead Politician Society:

“Dead Politician Society [is a] fast-paced, readable debut. Spano spins an intriguing web...Dead Politician Society is a page-turner.” —Quill & Quire

“I am glad this is geared to be a series. I look forward to the second installment.” —FNORD Incorporated

“A great addition to the mystery genre … [s]mart and well-written … [f]or true lovers of the genre, Dead Politician Society will become a must-read.” —That's What She Read

“The mystery maintains its suspense until the very end, and the ultimate denouement is a deliciously twisted surprise.” —The Bookish Type

“Robin Spano’s first mystery novel is a treat.” —Scene Magazine


Genre/Category: Mystery
Setting: Toronto
Period: contemporary

North American rights, ECW Press

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Robin Spano   Robin Spano grew up in Toronto, studied physics in New Brunswick, then traveled North America on her motorcycle. She met her husband while working as a waitress, and helped him run his Toronto pool room until they moved to Vancouver. Her favourite hobbies are snowboarding, playing poker, and boating.

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