MJ Summers
Breaking Love (A Full Hearts Novel)

Book Cover Luc Chevalier is a satisfied man – or so he thinks. His businesses are thriving, he has all the excitement, money and beautiful women any man could want. He dines at the best restaurants and stays at the most luxurious hotels as he makes his way around the globe. So why does he suddenly find himself so restless?

Megan Sullivan is a single mom with a rather ordinary life. She is comfortable with things just the way they are. She has a six-year-old son, Elliott, a cozy house in Boulder, Colorado, and a photography business to put food on the table. Her ex lives hours away in Florida, providing enough space for him to feed his drug addiction without exposing Elliott to his father's illness. Megan is on her own and she intends to keep it that way.

Megan is convinced by her best friend to take a trip to Paris for a few days. Little does she know she is about to be thrust into the arms of Luc Chevalier, the sexiest man to ever set foot on the Eiffel Tower. They agree to one night together and no more. In those few short hours he manages to draw out the passionate woman that Megan has carefully hidden way for years. Once she has a taste of what she's been missing, she finds it almost impossible to go back to her life as it was.
Will two people who don't believe in happily-ever-after manage to put aside their doubts and find their forever?

Join Luc as he discovers that everything he never wanted is the only thing he will ever need.

Praise for MJ Summers's Break In Two:

"5 out of 5 stars. The best book you will read all year! . . . A wonderful story that twists and turns and never lets up for a second, every page is a new experience, and I reached the end before I knew it . . . Setting the bar high with her debut novel, MJ Summers has all of the skills necessary to cement her name at the top of the ladder"
—Alex Laybourne, author of Trials and Tribulations

I inhaled this book. . . . Riveting sexual heat. . . . A delicious and definite five-star read. —Jennifer Sage, author of The Guardian Archives series

"A scintillating tale filled with all the erotic goodness you could ever want."
—Cliff Roberts

"What a tale! I loved it and my wife couldn't put it down."
—Tim Northway, bestselling author of Total Amnesia

"I loved every juicy second of this one!"
—Julie Cooper Brown, author of The Dead Live On

With over 1,900 reviews on Amazon.com, and an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars, this is what people are saying:

"I can only say fantastic things about this book! . . . I have not read a book that has caught my interest and has a story that I completely loved that left me with goose bumps and a smile in a long time."
—Dean Price, Amazon.com reviewer

"This book is absolutely amazing. From the moment I picked it up and started reading I couldn't put it down. It's passionate, sad, funny, exciting, romantic, sexy, and did I mention hot as hell! . . . I felt every emotion Claire and Cole felt as I was reading. . . . It's brilliantly written and keeps you wanting more with every turn of the page. I am definitely looking forward to reading Breaking Love as soon as it's released." —Breanna K., Amazon.com reviewer

Category/Genre: Fiction/Romance
Length: 320 pages (pb)
Publication Date: October 2014 (ebook)

Canada English rights, HarperCollins Canada
World Czech, Euromedia
World Slovakian, Ikar
UK rights, Piatkus Entice

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Author Name

MJ Summers currently resides in Canada, not far from the Rocky Mountains, with her husband, their three young children and a goofy dog. When she is not writing, MJ enjoys reading, running, cross-country skiing, hiking, Zumba and yoga, as well as going out with her girlfriends for long giggly dinners every month. She and her husband love to sneak off to the mountains for the weekend. (This doesn't happen often, but when it does it's always fun.)