Jack Todd
Rain Falls Like Mercy


Rain Falls Like Mercy by Jack ToddSet against the sweeping backdrop of World War II, a gripping depiction of a family and a country touched by the grand violence of war, the senseless violence of crime, and the intimate violence of the heart

In the tradition of true crime narratives such as In Cold Blood, acclaimed author Jack Todd’s new novel grips the reader from the first page; and as it spans continents and generations of one family, its taut and shocking undercurrent of violence builds to a stunning crescendo.

Rain Falls Like Mercy opens with the murder investigation of a young girl in Wyoming in mid- 1941. Tom Call, the young sheriff running the investigation, falls in love with Juanita, the wife of Eli Paint, whose son Leo and grandson Bobby Watson are on duty with the U.S. Navy. Almost overnight, the case is derailed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, disrupting the lives of all involved.Bobby mans an antiaircraft gun during the attack. Tom joins the U.S. Air Force and is deployed to England to fly bombers, still trying to pursue his murder investigation. His suspicion falls on Pardo Bury, the psychotic son of a wealthy rancher in Wyoming.As Pardo and Tom make their ways to their inevitable and shattering confrontation, Rain Falls Like Mercy displays Todd’s uncanny ability to zero in on his characters’ emotional lives while simultaneously painting a sweeping picture of the historical events that shape their destinies.

Praise for Jack Todd’s Rain Falls Like Mercy:

Shortlisted for the 2011 Reading the West Fiction Award

“Powerful . . . Todd’s vivid language is perfectly suited to the epic sweep of his narrative.” —Publishers Weekly

“A sweeping story . . . Lean yet visceral prose . . . Todd masterfully captures both the larger historical moment and the more intimate details of family life.” —Booklist, starred review

"Todd’s writing is exceptional and vivid. . . . A brilliant, compelling . . . and highly readable novel." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“There’s a lot of violence in this book, and some of it is gruesome . . . but it pays off, bringing an already rich story to a gripping—and disquietingly contemporary-feeling—climax.” —Ottawa Citizen

Page extent: 320 pages (pb)
Genre/Category: Mystery/Crime Fiction
Period: World War II Publication date: Aug 14 2012 (pb)

North American English rights, Touchstone/Simon & Schuster

For all other rights contact The Cooke Agency.

Jack Todd  

Jack Todd is the author of the novels Sun Going Down and Come Again No More and the memoir Desertion, which won the Quebec Writer’s Federation First Book Prize and the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction.


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