Jeff VanderMeer
Acceptance (Book 3: The Southern Reach Trilogy)

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It is winter in Area X. A new team embarks across the border, on a mission to find a member of a previous expedition who may have been left behind. As they press deeper into the unknown-navigating new terrain and new challenges-the threat to the outside world becomes only more daunting. In this last installment of the Southern Reach Trilogy, the mysteries of Area X may have been solved, but their consequences and implications are no less profound-or terrifying.

Praise for Jeff VanderMeer's Acceptance:

"[P]ure reading pleasure . . . the real accomplishment of these books lies less in their well-designed plots than in VanderMeer's incredibly evocative, naturalist eye. . . . VanderMeer's language is precise, metaphorical but rigorous . . . [the characters] are so thoroughly imagined they sometimes bent this reader's experience with reality . . . VanderMeer has created an immersive and wonderfully realized world" —The New York Times Book Review

". . . the books, for all their Baudrillardian knottiness, are big fun to read . . . the most uncompromising—yet most rewarding—genre series I've read in quite some time" —Slate

"If the guys who wrote Lost had brought H.P. Lovecraft into the room as a script doctor in the first season, the Southern Reach trilogy is what they would've come up with." —NPR Books

"If you start reading [the Southern Reach trilogy], you will read right through in short order. You may also have nightmares. . . . VanderMeer writes much better prose than Poe ever did . . . This is genuinely potent and dream-haunting writing. VanderMeer has arrived." —The Guardian

"The series is less about a straight throughline of plot and more about constructing a fully realized portrait of peculiar, often alienated people and the odd landscapes they inhabit, both inside and outside of their skulls; and this the author has decidedly achieved." —Kirkus, starred review

"A-" —Entertainment Weekly

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Publication Date: September 2 2014
Page extent: 352 (pb)

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Jeff VanderMeer is an award-winning novelist, and the author most recently of Borne and the New York Times bestselling Southern Reach Trilogy, the first book of which, Annihilation, is being released as a feature film starring Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, and Gina Rodriguez in spring 2018. His fiction has been translated into thirty-five languages and his nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. He grew up in the Fiji Islands and now lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife.